While necessity is the mother of invention, pain certainly helps focus things. My throbbing left thumb brought me to a hand specialist, whose diagnosis was "tablet strain". He said, "We see lots of it. Your hand wasn't designed to grip that thin smooth edge for hours on end, so give it a rest."

That got me started. The idea of a handle came immediately. I started with a few inches of plastic pipe and glued on a 45° elbow. It formed a convenient angle coming from the back of the tablet, but attaching it was a challenge. 


"Your hand wasn't designed to grip that thin smooth edge for hours on end, so give it a rest."

So I glued a scrap of metal to the elbow, added velcro and stuck it to the back of my tablet. it was wobbly and had to be peeled off each time I wanted to reposition it – but the tablet seemed lighter and better balanced. And as a bonus, it worked as a table stand. 

Next came the handle's rotation. At first, aluminum discs with notches were epoxied in place so the handle could click from stop to stop. 

Then came fragile plastic bearings, which soon broke due to soft material. Next, a stronger version, then attention to attaching the base, followed by material for the soft grip, hardware to hold it all together, and finally precision tooling.


The first test parts were assembled and mounted on test fixtures that rotated the handle back and forth 24/7 for several weeks. And clicked and unclicked the base through thousands of cycles.

The result after countless revisions is a handle that will soothe your aching hands and enable you to roam the internet in comfort, or just read in bed without an achy hand.

The comfort handle is made of tough ABS Plastic and precision steel parts and weighs just 2 ounces. It was designed and produced entirely in the USA. Your fingers, hands and wrists will thank you for giving it a try!