Installing your ComfortHandle is easy -- just attach the base to your tablet. Use the supplied template regardless of tablet size to ensure you get the correct viewing angle when using your handle as a table support.   


1. Lay your tablet face down on a soft surface. Use the supplied alcohol swab to clean the central area of the tablet.


2. Position template centered left and right and flush with the bottom edge. Hold it in position with a piece of tape on the bottom or one side.


3. Peel the tape liner and position along the top of the template between the arrows.


4. Press into position and rub your finger back and forth on the flat area.


5. Attach handle by sliding it in between the grooves. It will click into place.


6. The handle can be temporarily removed for travel. To remove the handle from the base, press the latch down and slide the handle back out of the grooves. 



Friction setting of your handle's rotation can be adjusted by turning the screw on the bottom slightly in either direction -- clockwise to increase friction; counterclockwise to ease it.  Ideally, handle should turn easily, but remain firmly in place when held or used as a stand.  DO NOT OIL OR GREASE.


Permanent Removal

If the need arises, you can completely remove the base with no harm to your tablet. This process will destroy tape, but don't worry, if you need to re-attach your handle on another tablet, you can order a new base with tape here


1. Lay your tablet face down on a soft surface with squared end of the base nearest to you. Rotate the handle into the downward position pointing toward yourself.


2. Put increasing downward pressure on the handle until the base and tape snap off. If tape sticks to the tablet, you can remove it by rubbing with your finger.